Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions of sale are entered into between Liquidarom Distribution whose head office is located at 30 avenue de la Bruyère, 83170 Brignoles, France, registered on the Draguignan Commercial Register under registration number 808 614 200 referred to below as Liquidarom Distribution and any legal entity which wishes to make a purchase from the Internet site www.liquidarom-dsitribution.com owned by Liquidarom Distribution, referred to below as the Buyer.

1. Purpose

These terms and conditions define the contractual relations between Liquidarom Distribution and the Buyer. They apply to all purchase made via the on-line sales website www.liquidarom-distribution.com.

Liquidarom Distribution reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. In this case the terms which apply will be those in force on the date of ordering by the Buyer.

2. Goods offered for sale

The products offered are those shown on the on-line sales site of Liquidarom Distribution.
Catalogue photographs are as accurate as possible but cannot depict a perfect likeness of the product being sold, particularly concerning colours.

3. Prices

The prices on the site are in euros ex-VAT. Liquidarom Distribution reserves the right to change its prices at any time, it however being understood that the price shown on the website on the day of order will be the sole price that applies to the Buyer. Indicated prices do not include cost of shipping and delivery.

4. Orders

Buyers who want to purchase a product must:
Fill in the company details sheet with all of the information requested.
Fill in the online order form with the selected product codes.
Check and validate his order.
Make payment.
Confirm the order and payment.

Confirming the order means the Buyer accepts these terms and conditions, recognises that he is fully aware of them and waives the right to rely on his own purchase terms or other terms.

The data entered onto the form and the recorded order confirmation constitute proof of the transaction. Confirmation of order will have the effect of a signature and acceptance of the operations performed.

The seller will confirm the order by electronic mail.

5. Retraction

Buyers have seven days from date of delivery to cancel their order and return the goods to the seller for exchange or reimbursement without penalty except for return shipping costs.
Only goods that are sent back intact in their entirety in their complete original packaging and in perfect condition to be resold will be accepted. Any goods which have been damaged or for which the original packaging has deteriorated will not be accepted or reimbursed.

6. Payment

The price is payable with order.
Payment can be made in four different ways: credit card, PayPal, bank transfer or cheque sent by post. Orders are only processed after confirmation of payment.
PayPal and credit card payments are immediate. Credit card payments use the CM-CIC p@iement secure system with the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol so that data is encrypted. Payments made by bank transfer or cheque require additional processing and are not immediate.
A paper copy VAT invoice will be sent to the Buyer on request.

7. Delivery

Delivery is made to the address given by the Buyer on the order form.
All risk is borne by the Buyer from the moment when the goods leave the premises of Liquidarom Distribution. In the event of damage during transit it is important to record any observations on the delivery note before signing it. If a claim is made afterwards for damage during transit without any comments being made at time of receipt of the package the claim will not be accepted. Delivery lead times are for guidance only. If delivery takes longer than 30 days from date of order the contract will be terminated and the Buyer reimbursed.

8. Warranty

All goods supplied by the seller are covered by the legal guarantee provided for by Article 1641 and following of the French Civil Code.

9. Liability

In the process of online selling the Seller is only required to make best endeavours. He is not liable for any loss arising from use of the Internet such as loss of data, intrusion, viruses, loss of service or other unintentional problems.
Liquidarom Distribution cannot be held liable for loss of any kind, whether material, immaterial or bodily injury which may result from incorrect functioning or incorrect use of the goods sold. The same applies to any modifications made to the goods.
Under all circumstances the liability of Liquidarom Distribution will be limited to the value of the order and Liquidarom Distribution cannot be held liable for simple errors or omissions which may occur despite all the precautions taken in presenting goods.

10. Delivery Errors

Liquidarom Distribution must be informed of any delivery errors or non-conformities on the first working day following delivery at the latest. After that all claims will be rejected. Claims must be made by email (contact@liquidarom-distribution.com) or by telephone (+33

11. Intellectual Property

All content on the website www.liquidarom-distribution.com is and remains the exclusive intellectual property of Liquidarom Distribution. Nobody is permitted to reproduce, exploit, retransmit or use in any manner whatsoever, even partially, any of the content on the site whether software, visual or audio information.
All simple or hypertext links are strictly forbidden without express written agreement from Liquidarom Distribution.

12. Personal Data

In accordance with the French Data Protection Law of 6 January 1978, identifiable data in relation to Buyers may be processed automatically. Buyers have the right to access and rectify data which is held on them in accordance with the Law of 6 January 1978. In addition, Liquidarom Distribution undertakes not to communicate its customers’ details to any third party either free of charge or for payment.
Automatic processing of data including managing email addresses of site users was subject to a declaration to the CNIL (French Data Protection Registrar) on 07 July 2016 registered under number 1975501.

13. Data Retention - Proof

Liquidarom Distribution will archive order forms and invoices on reliable and durable media constituting a true copy in accordance with Article 1348 of the French Civil Code. Liquidarom Distribution’s computerised records will be considered by the parties as proof of communications, orders, payments and transactions between the parties.

14. Settlement of Disputes

These terms and conditions of sale on-line are subject to French Law.
All orders made via the website mean that the Buyer unreservedly agrees to the general terms and conditions of sale of Liquidarom Distribution.
In the event of a dispute or claim the Buyer will first of all approach Liquidarom Distribution to find an amicable settlement.
For a sale to a legal entity any disagreement in relation to the sale will be subject to French Law and the jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Draguignan.

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