After more than a year’s development, High Creek Signatures was born: 6 complex and balanced juices created by three passionate vapers and juice makers.

High Creek Signature e-liquids are formulated in Switzerland and produced in France.


Juice maker


As an amateur whisky connoisseur, I discovered that vaping gave me the same pleasure as a good Scottish whisky, with the same qualities that make drinking such a pleasure or which bring back childhood memories. So I decided to create my own liquids, with an approach based on complexity, creative passion and patience in seeking both balance and being willing to wait to experience that pleasure…

Juice maker


As a vaping aficionado I started vaping in 2012 with small devices and quickly progressed to custom equipment. I started to get closely interested in juices while still having a keen desire to try out new liquids and new equipment. I quickly established a massive collection. With a solid experience base behind me, I started creating my first liquids in 2013. It took me a bit less than a year with much perseverance and dead ends to really master the assembly of flavours and get the result I wanted. The fixer took me an enormous amount of time and energy: to mix citrus fruits, absinthe flavouring and exotic fruits while maintaining a balance was not easy.

Juice maker


I’ve been a vaper for some years….I started a bit like everyone using entry level equipment which I quickly found wanting….. I then moved on to custom devices…I’m not going to say which ones specifically. But I found my vape. There was just one thing I didn’t like: the additives and flavour enhancer present in most liquids. The logical outcome was I had to make my own liquids… Which naturally had to contain as little as these substances as possible. What do I like? Mountains, nature, photography, long walks with my dog, Tenkara fishing in peace and quiet, eating well, my family, my friends, nice things, special times. In other words – life.

Prohibited for minors, dangerous,
respect the use precautions.
Not suitable for pregnant or nursing women,
and to people with heart or respiratory problems.
Nicotine is highly addictive, do not start.